Providing Personal Training to the Williamstown, Newport and Altona communities. Located in South Pacific Health Clubs Williamstown, Commitment Coach Matt has many years of experience. Working with a diverse range of clients, both young and old, who present various challenges.

Many people have had a trainer before. It is most likely that Matt will not be your first go to Personal Trainer. However if you want results to last, creating life-long change then Matt may be the right choice for you.

When looking for a personal trainer, it is important to find the right person. Someone who can support you. Help you achieve lasting results. Often the best skill a personal trainer can have is the ability to coach clients beyond physical movement. As a result, Matt’s methods also look beyond your movements. Matt takes into account factors in your everyday lifestyle, to help you exceed.

You may have just joined a gym. One of your goals is to lose weight. You may have started this in the past and didn’t see the results. As a consequence, you lost the motivation. Life got in the way. Whether it be the kids, family, career or injury. You aren’t alone. I’ve been there too.

Matt’s principle is simple. He coaches clients to achieve success. Coaching doesn’t just start and finish in the gym. It takes a holistic approach. As a result, Matt looks at all the factors that have held you back. Ultimately ensuring the best possible outcome.

Kinetic Link Training

Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a challenging and enjoyable approach to resistance training. KLT uses the movement of the whole body instead of traditional weight based programs that focus on one particular muscle group at a time.

KLT aims to improve the body’s ability to ‘move with ease’. Programs can be designed for specific rehabilitation needs or to improve your performance at any level.

Whether you are an elite athlete or simply want to increase your movement, KLT is a great way to develop strength and endurance, improve confidence in your coordination, balance and movements.

R.E.H.A.B Trainer

The term “REHAB” is meant to imply any activity by a professional in the allied health industry (including Personal Trainer) that reduces pain and dysfunction for their client – not simply what happens after an operation, or what happens in a treatment centre by a medically trained professional.

R +E+ H + A + B is an acronym for how we work with clients to ensure they train safely and see improvement in there exercise rehabilitation.

Risk assessment of the injury or pain Injuries are classified into “high risk” or “low risk” by your Personal Trainer. Clients deemed to have a “high risk” will initially be referred to one of Docklands Health practitioners for further assessment and provided with the appropriate treatment plan. Injuries classified as “low risk” will benefit from a skilled personal trainer to work with you safely on the road of recovery with the support of our allied health team where necessary.

Evaluation of movement patho-mechanics (movement dysfunction) such as:

We look at factors that may cause movement dysfunction such as: Poor Positioning; Poor Technique; Poor Biomechanics. These helps us to know how your body is performing and how you are progressing.

Hands-on loosening procedures Ensuring overactive muscles have the opportunity to release in order for weaker muscles to be engaged ready for rehab exercises.

Activation drills & techniques

Begin Training! The most important part, enjoying your training session without concern of making your injury worse.